Project : AntArambh

Event Details: The “CANCER AWARENESS WORKSHOP – NUKKAD NATAK PERFORMANCE- ANT ARAMBH “ was conducted on 22nd April, 2023 at Central Park , Connaught palace , New Delhi at 12:00 Pm onwards . The Nukkad Natak Was performed by RAQS, STREET PLAY CLUB , DRAMATIC SOCIETY OF KALINDI COLLEGE , DU , Event was sponsored by First Step Foundation as they took the charge of providing physical certificates to the performers .

The Nukkad natak was held in central park which ensured maximum visibility and reach, so that people near the metro could also come . RAQS team was present there at 10:00 Am , Team Project he,ping hearts and around 20 volunteers were present at 10:30-11:00.

RAQS created a strong script of portraying a heartwrenching story of cancer patient and the struggles of their care givers , they showed various statistical data related to cancer death in the country and various reasons behind it such as vapes, smoking , tobacco chewing etc, they covered almost every type of cancer and the causes of it starting from cervical cancer to mouth cancer to lung cancer , skin cancer , blood cancer and so on with the reasons associated to it ,that was informative, engaging, and easy to understand by the General public , they also made engaging preventive measures posters to aware the public related the same .

The play highlighted the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures of cancer. We also included a message about the importance of regular health check-ups and early detection through the posters made by team.

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