First Step Foundation (FSF), is a leading not-for-profit organization has been working towards empowering people deprived of basic necessities in life. We strive to improve life and livelihood through improved education facilities, ¬†access to healthcare and livelihood opportunities… We, at FSF, focus on empowering the individuals to solve their own problems with our guidance and support.

We Established in 2005. FSF has been working amongst the urban poor who are deprived of societal benefits and opportunities. FSF is not only an enterprise or a statement, but a movement to connect neglected communities/areas with established business houses, corporates, the government and other stake holders and to empower them. Our aim is to find out the most effective solutions for various social problems.

Description of Actions

First Step Foundation, is a community-based organization working for the deprived sections of society. Founded in the year 2005, the organization aims at establishing an egalitarian society in which there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, or sex, and which provides equal opportunities for people to grow and prosper.

This non-profit organization works directly with people at the grass root level and encourages them to take active parts in various welfare and development programs for the betterment of society.

First Step foundation conducted Training workshops in schools to enhance awareness related to different programs for students and also held different sports programs for students so to opt for a healthy lifestyle, Project Development,

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