Project : Chalo School ki aur

First Step Foundation works with around 200 children via a variety of educational initiatives in four s per their needs. FSF also provided resources to students and schools to improve their infrastructure like donating almirahs, benches, etc.

At First Step, we aspire to freely offer optimal practices to all of the country’s students, irrespective of gender, race, colour, ethnic or cultural origin, social origin, religion, mother tongue, and specific learning needs, and to assist in the educational process on a course that will allow the country not only to keep up with modern developments, but also to become their driving force, creating active and responsible citizens that respect, but who are also in a position to assess and carefully evaluate the practical and theoretical achievements of our Indian culture with critical thinking and a creative approach in the face of new knowledge. Chalo School ki aur project is an awareness program to make rural people understand the importance of education and exercise in our healthy life.

FSF is working in the school of Uttranchal started its work with Kafna goan school FSF will find the student’s in need and help them pursue their education further.

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